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Three Years Later, TV Is Still Awesome

I’m trying to decide if I want to revive this blog just for kicks. The major seasons are coming to a close, making way for summer programming. I don’t watch TV so much in the summer, but I do follow the trends. And, if possible, I love television more now than I did three years ago, when this blog was created as part of an online media class assignment my senior year.

The landscape has changed, but not terribly so… Reality television still reigns supreme. The networks are still scrambling to find something that works with all audiences, all demos, etc. Casual viewers are still as fickle as ever, while it appears that the number of active and engaged viewers has dramatically increased.

Time-shifted viewing is now deemed an official wave of the future, God help us all. And in three years, executive producers, network and studio executives, cast and crew have come out from behind the curtain – that ever-present fourth wall, if you will – to promote, market, discuss and defend their creative and business decisions to the masses. All thanks to Facebook and Twitter.

You’ve gotta love this industry.

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